Have you tried to train your dog yourself without results? Do you want to grow your relationship with your dog, but just do not know how? 

Private Lessons are designed with the the DIY attitude in mind. You will spend time one-on-one with me to learn to solve the problems you are currently having.

This puts the ball in your court, it is like having a personal dog coach toward getting your dream dog. Learning the skills for yourself is much more valuable for your long term relationship with your canine companion. 


Do you want to learn the skills to train your dog, and still get the added speed of having them trained professionally?

This program is the best of both worlds; you will get one on one instruction in how to work with your dog yourself, as well as plenty of time for your dog to be trained by a professional. Let me deal with the foundation work that can be slow for certain dogs.

Day training takes place between Tuesday and Thursday, the number of weeks is based on your family's needs. 

Pick ups and drop offs are scheduled ahead of time to work with your schedule and I can provide transport for your dog for an additional fee. What is covered in training is customized for your family.


Are you getting frustrated with your dog? Does it seem as though your patience is wearing thin?

Boarding School is your knight in shining armor. This training option leaves the work to the pros, so that you can have a mini vacation from frustration.

Your dog will spend some time living like our dogs do, with plenty of attention and love. They will learn a lot in a short amount of time, and have lots of fun.

This does not stop when you pick them up however, with follow up private lessons and phone/email support it gives you the confidence that you are not alone moving forward.

This option still requires you to follow the program provided, but takes away the teaching aspect of training, which is where the frustration can begin.

Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times in a dog owner's life, but it can also come with a lot of frustration.

Whether it is CRATE TRAINING, PLAY BITING, INAPPROPRIATE CHEWING, or POTTY TRAINING ISSUES, the joy of bringing home a new puppy can quickly become a challenge.

Our puppy training is a chance for you to get your new puppy started down the path to being a well mannered and balanced dog. We can help you set your new puppy up for success by giving you the tools to minimize accidents, stop play biting, and channel the drive to chew onto appropriate items. 

This course is designed for puppies up to 20 weeks old.

Building this foundation allows you and your puppy to pursue more advanced obedience training in the future, if needed. These, in home, one hour sessions will cover what you are specifically dealing with in regards to your puppy. It is not a standardized program, as all dogs have their own personalities.

Start off training on the right foot!