Erin H.

We started sessions with our Golden Doodle, Ramsey, when he was 8 months old. I did endless research on training methods and seemed to have a hold on things... then Ramsey turned 6 months and all that he knew seemed to go out the window. We were feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I looked into a lot of companies and ended with CLE Dog Training for multiple reasons (positive reinforcement, flexible packages etc) and boy are we happy we did!!! 

Ramsey needed to work on typical puppy stuff. Leash training, jumping, and overall learning to be calm (among a few other things). Noah used a lot of the methods I had read about but it was so different/helpful seeing it in person. He also added to that by showing us the necessary starting point and steps to get to the end goals. We laughed when we said we'd love to take Ramsey to a public place and have him hang out- and what do you know- our last session he sat with us a dog friendly restaurant!

After 6 sessions Ramsey is well on his way to being a well behaved young boy! We continue to use all we learned everyday. Noah honestly changed the way we communicate with Ramsey! Whenever an issue comes up we now have the tools we need to work on it with him as well as continue to master the original issues. 

Also, Noah was a joy to work with and we always looked forward to our sessions. He was flexible with scheduling, responded promptly to calls and emails, and was a genuinely nice and easy going guy. 

There's nothing I'd change about our experience with Noah. It's amazing to watch how he interacts with dogs and to see how far Ramsey has come. Starting at the evaluation we already learned important tips that helped us go back to enjoying the time with our high energy dog! If you're reading this you're obviously curious- so seriously go schedule your evaluation, you won't regret it!

rebecca v

Noah was AMAZING!!! So easy to work with, always there when I had questions and so good with our reactive pup Henley! I used to dread taking her for walks, and now they are much more enjoyable for me and for her. I don't know where he gets his patience and understanding of dog behavior from-but it was something I was lacking and now feel more comfortable with. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a trainer, he has helped us tremendously!


Noah is great. He's very responsive to getting back to you and adjusting schedules as needed. Our dogs loved him! They took to his training methods right away. Noah gave us the tools to continue to work with our pups and teach them to have good manners as they grow up. Noah has a lot of patience with the dogs and owners, takes a ton of time showing how to do things right and is very, very kind. I'd recommend Noah to anyone who has a dog they're ready to train and work with!


Noah was very easy to work with. He gave me some great strategies for working with my anxious dog to increase both her confidence and obedience. He also helped me to be calm and more comfortable in situations that would generally be stressful for both me and my dog. Highly recommend!!




Six months ago, we got a Labrador puppy, and like all puppies, she needed training. Lots! We looked at different trainers online and settled on Noah after seeing the website and liking the reviews and his approach to training. When our little lady met Noah, she immediately took to liking him, and listening to him, which is important! Noah has a way with dogs, and we're fortunate he was able to teach us some things to help train our dog. He offered one-on-one training and came to our house to see Scout and work with her, and us, on many different things. Scout is what we call hyperactive/high energy, and we had to learn how to handle her, and to help her with that energy. Noah was great with teaching us some basics, but he really helped us with her mouthing and biting. We're still working on things, as she's still a baby, but Scout has a lot to thank Noah for, and so do we! I would recommend him for entry level training of puppies, as he's patient and knowledgeable, and has a good approach. He taught us recall games, basic techniques and commands, and leash training. Thanks, Noah!


Thank you Noah for your patience and direction working with Dulcinea. Your coaching has been instrumental in cultivating a better life for both of us. I recommend CLE Dog training to anyone who requires assistance with their pet.


Kelly M.

We had a wonderful experience with CLE-Dog. Noah worked so well with our very energetic pit mix. After a few days of working with Noah, she is now so much more attentive and well behaved on walks and rarely pulls on her slip leash. We used to not be able to make it to the end of the driveway without rope burns.


Noah is the dog whisperer! I have done formal training with him twice and seen massive improvements with my dog both times. He is the only trainer I will trust with my buddy!

Antonia M.

We brought our rescue, Lulie, to Noah after experiencing difficulties with her social anxiety and fears. She stayed with Noah for 5 days and we had a few private lessons to follow. He was committed to addressing the root of her issues, and created a plan to set Lulie up for long-term success. Noah taught us multiple exercises to work on with her to help overcome her fears; he laid the foundation work for us to build up her confidence and we've had measurable success with his program. Her anxiety and confidence continue to improve and we're very pleased with the progress she's made. Since her stay with Noah, she has also been very sharp with all her commands, obedience, and manners, which are sort of an added bonus for us as her main issue was anxiety. Additionally, Noah is very accessible via email and phone whenever we have questions, and reaches out to us periodically to check-in with Lulie's progress. We would recommend his services, especially to those with nervous dogs!



Lori A.

Noah is incredibly helpful through the entire puppy training process! He treats each dog like his own and takes the time to make sure everyone understands what's going on. We took our miniature dachshund through Puppy Preschool and it was a great experience for myself as a first time dog owner, and for our pup. I highly recommend Noah and CLE Dog Training!