Noah T. Agne

Certified Professional Trainer


CLEDOG began with my love of dogs and a desire to learn how to communicate better with my own dogs- Daisy and Boomer. I had a lot of the same issues that dog owners run into; poorly greeting guests, biting, not coming when called, barking, etc. It took my wife and I a long time and lots of money to find the right trainer to help us with our issues. 

The relief that our family got from learning to communicate with our dogs sparked a passion inside me to learn more. Giving that relief to other families is what drives me to keep training.

I decided to trade my growing career in healthcare for a leash, and become a dog trainer full time. 

Dogs are a wonderful part of life for anyone who is lucky enough to have a relationship with them. Why not seek to have the best relationship possible? 

Allow my education and training to bridge the gap between making your dog do something and having your dog do something with you. Let's enrich the bond you have with your dog to a closeness you never thought possible.

I firmly believe that every dog can learn to be a happy member of the family and I look forward to working with you and your four legged family member.

  - Noah